The Average Function

FileMaker Function of the Week is back after a short break. And Stuart Gripman tackles the Average function this time around:

After a brief hiatus, the Function of the Week is back and just as ordinary, normal, typical, standard and regular as ever! Why so mundane? Because we’re picking apart the Average function this week and we’ve caught the Average Spirit! Average might not be new or sexy, but there are three variations in its application and if you apply them incorrectly, you may end up with below-average satisfaction.

It may sound mundane, but there are a few twists to its use. Gripman covers the following:

  • Blank values vs non blank (especially zero)
  • Averaging related fields
  • Averaging related and local fields
  • Averaging repeating fields

It seems the the little things always take the longest time to track down.  Keep that in mind when using the Average function.

FileMaker Function of the Week: Average.

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