The 9 Steps to Systematizing Your (FileMaker Development) Business

Every business – from the one-person FileMaker developer shop to FileMaker itself- needs to systematize in order to thrive and grow.  And as a developer, you need to know in detail how to help businesses systematize if you want to do the best job possible.

The concept behind systemization is to do something once, document it, and never have to do it again.





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So how do you handle this systemization?  Start by using the 80:20 rule:  Systematize the routine and humanize the exceptions.

Go through your company and make list of every routine task that gets done in your company – daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly.  Start with the daily routines, then move to weekly, monthly, and so on.

Your goal is to systematize every one of those routines by video, audio, or written instructions.  There are computer programs to help you do this (FileMaker Developers – this is a great idea for a database).

Then it’s time to train your employees and humanize the exceptions.  This empowers your employees to make good decisions and give great service on a routine basis.

There are 9 steps you need to take  to fully systematize your business:

1.  Vision Statement

2. Mission Statement

3. Culture Statement

4. SMART Goals (Milestones)

5. Organization Chart

6. Position Profiles

7. Key Performance Indicators

8. Operations Manual

9,  Management Systems

Each of these steps consists of multiple other steps – great material for future posts!  If you want to learn more sooner, leave a comment and I’ll direct you to an expert business coach who will fill in the blanks on this subject – and a whole lot more.


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