The Results are Miraculous – An Update on My Son, Jon

This post is completely off my normal topics of FileMaker and business, but it’s time to update everyone on the progress of my son, Jon. For those who don’t know, here is a short version of the backstory: Jon has two advanced degrees, Computer Science and Industrial Engineering, and, in 2014, was living the life […]


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  1. Rick Torchia: Don, This is such good news and truly miraculous!

    • Don Clark: Thanks, Rick.

  2. Shawn A. Krueger: What a wonderful update! Reading this really gave me a lift today, too. Thank you for sharing, Don! So happy…

    • Don Clark: Thanks,Shawn.

  3. Karl: Wow! Thank you for sharing that. Family is sooo important and it's wonderful to hear of such a turnaround and…

    • Don Clark: Thank you, Karl.

  4. Martin Spanjaard: Congratulations with this moving story.

    • Don Clark: Thank you, Martin.

  5. Daniel Shanahan: Wow, Don I had no idea. Wishing Jon and all of you continued success.

    • Don Clark: Thanks, Daniel!

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