FileMaker Pro Advanced – AutoComplete Video Example – YouTube

Click here to download the sample file. FileMaker Pro Advanced AutoComplete Video Hi, this is Don Clark of FM Database Consulting and Today I’m going to show you a simple technique that uses an Account Name value list with Auto Complete to assign the proper ID to an invoice record’s foreign key. A good use […]


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  1. Jonathan Fletcher: I'm going to use that. Very efficient. Thanks, Don!

    • Don Clark: Hi Jonathan- Glad you like it, and thanks for the feedback! Don

  2. Ko ko: Hey Don! Nice work..! How is it possible to download the sample file ? Thank you...

  3. Don Clark: Hi Ko ko- Register here: The file is listed at the top of a list of free stuff you'll…

  4. Marty Boyd: When I change the Account address it doesn't change the invoices with that account name.

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