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If you read my first blogpost on using WSClient and Rules to push your Drupal data to FileMaker, then you’re ready for the rest of the story: How to get your FileMaker data into Drupal. Well, sir or madam, there are two ways: write FileMaker scripts to push data to Drupal, or use Drupal to pull data from FileMaker. We suggest the latter, and here’s why.
FileMaker scripting is a major PITA
Pushing field-level data to Drupal with the OnObjectSave trigger sounds like such a great idea at first blush, but major blockers surface pretty quick. Guess what happens every time you modify any FileMaker field: OnObjectSave calls your custom script to push a REST request to Drupal services, and the FileMaker client interface locks up for the duration of the request! That’s about a three second “freeze” every time your client edits a field. “Well, let’s simply log the change for later processing by a server-side FileMaker script.” Great idea. But there still remains the impossibility of maintaining object-level triggers on each your 50 fields × 10 layouts = 500 point-and-click-operations = “Wait, did I miss one? How the heck do I track that down.”

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