Sync FileMaker and WordPress in 5 Simple Steps!

Synch FileMaker and WordPress

I’ve been playing with the free version of MirrorSync to synchronize FileMaker to an iPad/iPhone, and it is a very powerful, fast tool.  The setup is a bit complex, but once you get it right, it just keeps keeps on running.  Sync’s are fast and conflicts in data can be set up and handled the way you prefer.

More and more, I have clients wanting to sync data from FileMaker to WordPress, and from WordPress to FileMaker.  One option that works well is using ESS via ODBC,  but it requires a lot of setup and a lot of scripting to make it work well.

This example video shows a quick setup that synchs both ways every second.  All that is left is to script what needs to be done when changes are made to the WP or FM database. One possibility: a new visitor fills out a form, FileMaker gets the info, and a server side script notifies a sales person of the contact through FileMaker. There is no need to leave FileMaker to check email.  Nice!

360Works MirrorSync can sync data between FileMaker Server and SQL databases which makes platforms like WordPress, powered by PHP and MySQL, an ideal candidate.

The objective of this content is to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the steps you need to set up this synchronization, based on the video tutorial we have available. The video is embedded at the bottom of this article and will provide you with additional details and visuals you may need.

One of the benefits of using MirrorSync to synch FileMaker and WordPress is the speed of setup.  The upfront cost is steep, but the savings in time and complexity make a powerful argument that the investment actually saves money.

Source: Sync FileMaker and WordPress in 5 Simple Steps!

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