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Three techniques exploring summary reporting…

Summary Reporting Tricks

Posted on September 12, 2013 by Kevin Frank

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One of the best ways to learn about a particular FileMaker feature or behavior is to build a demo. You might build one in response to a client request, or to try to answer a question somone has asked, or just to see what happens. At any rate, today we’re going to look at three demos, each of which explores some aspect of summary reporting. For reasons of backward compatibility today’s demos are in .fp7 format, but you can convert them to .fmp12 format if you are so inclined.


What these three demos have in common is multiple sub-summary parts on reporting layouts… so what you see on the report depends on how you sort it.

Demo 1: table view reporting

With the release of FileMaker 10 in January 2009, developers gained the ability to produce summary reports in browse mode. At the time I threw together a demo to explore this capability in table view, and was pleasantly surprised by how powerful and easy it is. E.g., here I’ve clicked the Code button…

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