The State of FileMaker 13

A FRANK, STOLID ASSESSMENT of FileMaker by Kirk Bowman.

Back to FileMaker 13, the latest advancements in the platform — including the layout theme/style engine, the new layout objects (popover and slide control), the improvement in iOS functionality, and the server enhancements like Perform Script on Server – are significant steps forward. However, these do not change what FileMaker currently is: a client-server database for custom applications on desktops and iOS.

Learn how to determine whether FileMaker is a good fit for your project. Use it for its strengths and work around its weaknesses. (BTW, all development platforms have weaknesses.) If you are not sure how to do this, get help. The worst thing you can do is declare “if it cannot be done in FileMaker, it is not worth doing.”

His points are well taken – FileMaker is not the solution for every situation, just as php, ruby and all other platforms are not, either.

The comments are an interesting read, as well.

The State of FileMaker 13.

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