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Spring Cleaning

Jerry Salem, IT Solutions Consulting.

Spring is when a man’s fancy turns to…Cleanup.

At least once a year, I like to run a Database Design Report on each database I am working on and look for Scripts, Layouts, and Fields that aren’t being used.  This step by step guide was presented at the Philly FileMaker Users Group meeting in April 2013.

Reasons for doing spring cleaning:

  • Smaller relationship graph loads faster when opening a Database.
  • Removal of clutter makes it easier to find specific relationships.
  • The Manage Database window will open and close faster.
  • Helps to identify things that can be done better using new techniques.

How to create a DDR.

For this post, I will be using a modified version of the Invoices Starter Solution file that comes installed with FileMaker – it’s available the “New From Starter Solution” menu command.

For this you need to have FileMaker Advanced and you must open your solution using a Full Access password.  If your solution has a multiple files, make sure they are all open.  Then From the Tools menu select ‘Developer Design Report…’

The DDR creates a number of folders and files, therefore whenever I create a DDR, I always save it to a new folder and name the folder something with the date, for example ‘Analysis 061213′.  Sit back and relax – it may take a couple minutes to create the DDR.

More… Spring Cleaning | The Philadelphia FileMaker User Group – serving the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware Region.

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