Skeleton Key Announces FMRPC

Skeleton Key Announces FMRPC

June 9, 2013 in FileMaker

[] Saint Louis, Missouri – FMRPC increases FileMaker application performance while adding functionality to the entire FileMaker platform, especially FileMaker Go. Specifically, it allows a FileMaker user to run data and processor-intensive operations on the FileMaker Server and on demand. This happens without the need for any plugins, server-side queues or server-side schedules. In addition, FMRPC expands the functionality of both FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro, enabling them to do things they simply can’t do on their own. FMRPC is secure and simple to install.

Mark Richman, Founder and President of Skeleton Key notes, “We’ve been coaching customers and other developers for years on how to optimize their solutions for performance as well as how to work around some of the limitations imposed on FileMaker Go by iOS. Adding FMRPC to our portfolio of offerings answers a call from the community of FileMaker Pro users and developers for on-demand performance and functionality that they can control without a steep learning curve. Having the opportunity to work in close partnership with Jesse Barnum and his excellent team at 360Works was icing on the cake.”

FMRPC will be featured in the Exhibitor Showcase at Booth 5 at the 2013 FileMaker Developer Conference held in San Diego in August.

The release of the FMRPC coincides with Skeleton Key’s continued growth. Since January 2012 they increased their staff with a Project Manager, Systems Analyst and Marketing staff. In January 2013, they re-branded their Information Technology division into sister-company, Brightsource IT.

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