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Simple Static Map Overlays in FileMaker Pro


This is an idea I had about creating static map overlays in FileMaker Pro.

The gist of it is to create a base graphic map using a program like Photoshop and then add a number of transparent overlays to the map. Save the base map and overlay layers as transparent PNG files and import them into FileMaker Pro. Once in FileMaker Pro, build a solution that sends each overlay graphic to a different layer of a repeating container field. Set the container fields to be transparent, so that each graphic shows through the one below it.

I came up with this idea, because I ski regularly at a place called Sun Peaks Resort in BC. The resort is great and I love skiing there, but I wished their web site had a more visual display of the hill’s nightly grooming maps, instead of just a text list of the runs. I can remember a visual image easier than a list of names, when I am skiing. If it is a powder day you avoid the groomers, if the conditions are challenging, you head for them. OK, I will be honest, usually I head for the groomers anyway, I love the feel of fresh corduroy in the morning.

It occurred to me that I could build a database in FileMaker Pro to convert the text-based list of runs, into a more visual map to display the days preferred runs.

This concept of a static map with transparent overlays could be adapted for situations such as:

tour bus seating maps

airplane seating reservation maps

restaurant table bookings

reserved theatre seating

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