SalesForce Migration to FileMaker

I studied SalesForce at a client’s request a year ago or so, and found it to be a powerful, yet rigid tool.

As is necessary for a tool trying to be all things to all people.  Take a look at Microsoft Word or Excel. Most users barely scratch the surface of the programs capabilities, and to learn those new features takes a commitment of time and resources.

FileMaker’s greatest strength is it’s flexibility.  The user can make (or have made) the solution do things the way they want or need them done faster and for less than other custom programming.

The rigidity forced upon users by the off the shelf software results in people getting frustrated and looking for custom solutions.  And then it’s necessary to move their data:

David Barwick, senior engineer at RCC, shares some SalesForce to FileMaker migration tips and tricks.

Source:  SalesForce Migration to FileMaker

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