I just learned about a guy name Bruce Dickinson – lead singer for Iron Maiden (70’s heavy metal band still touring).  This guy is a great businessman, and lectured to the top ActionCoach coaches last month in Berlin.  Some of his observations:

1.  You are either a shark or a fish…fish get eaten by the sharks.  Which will you be?

2.   If your business partner does not share your vision – get out now!

3.  Pick your friends carefully – they reflect who you are and how much you make.

4.  Your actions define who you are.

5.  Listen to your idea mosquito-that little buzzing in your head that tells you when you have a great idea.

This guy revolutionized the process of moving band equipment from place to place in order to increase the number of tour dates, then systematized it and sold it to other bands.


Beverly Voth’s article on exporting field contents saved me time and educated me yesterday…

I need to find a way to listen to FileMaker Success Tips more often…maybe while driving…

I’m a board member of a new non-profit:  Please visit the site and help out if you can.  The cause is a good one.


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