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RESTfm 2.1.0 released with sync and more

Submitted by Nicholas Orr on 6 August 2013 – 9:47pm

Trying to explain what RESTfm is to someone who hasn’t used Web Services before can be difficult. It’s hard to get an idea of what RESTfm is, let alone what you’d use it for. ( If you want to be really confused, try reading about REST on wikipedia. )

So we’re very excited that our new 2.1.0 version includes some great sample code that you can use in your own solutions that will show you some really cool things you can use RESTfm for.

We’re calling this RESTfm Tools. It’s going to be an ever growing collection of code samples of things we’ve developed for our own use, or for customers using RESTfm already, and that will be included in every RESTfm release.


I’ve talked on the blog before about our sync framework and this is a very exciting release. We’ve got this sync code working in our own solutions on Pro and FMGo as well as in other developers projects and it’s been a great resource. Best of all you can implement this without any other costs after your single RESTfm Server licence.

RESTfmIPN and RESTfmFSValidate

If you’re selling a FileMaker solution using PayPal and want to be able to do real time payment processing in your FileMaker database, then the RESTfmIPN solution is for you. It allows you to respond to the IPN request and send the details of a purchase to your FileMaker database via RESTfm.

And alternatively if you use FastSpring for payments instead you can use the RESTfmFSValidate code to do checks of a existing licence detail against your database for validating upgrade pricing.

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