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Resizing Images in FileMaker Pro 12 JULY 11, 2013 BY DOUGLAS ALDER

Sometimes it is the little things in an upgrade that take a while to percolate through to real world applications. FileMaker Pro 12 has its share of amazing marquee features, Insert from URL, ExecuteSQL etc, but the humble GetThumbnail function didn’t cross my radar screen until recently.I read an article by DB Services on using the GetThumbnail function in FileMaker to resize images in a container field. DB Services’ approach was to resize the file as it was being imported, employing an auto-enter calculation. The obvious benefit was to keep the database file size down and the image size consistent in the container field.My client was interested in being able to store large files in their image assets database and have anyone on staff be able to export a smaller version for the web or print without having to fire up Photoshop. I thought I would share my demo with the FileMaker world because it is such a great feature and having a demo file can sometimes speed adoption of a technique.More details on the GetThumbnail function are here on FileMaker’s Help pages.Download Demo file here.

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