Random Thoughts

Bento is gone…I spent some time helping a client try to make Bento work between three computers and an iPad.  Be copying the source file – and being very careful not to copy the wrong file – he was able to get what he wanted, but it wasn’t easy or painless.  If Bento had been shareable to 3-4 people (this client needed his assistant to be able to update it while he was traveling) and internet accessible, it might have done better, but probably at the expense of FileMaker sales.  The way Bento integrated with the desktop and other apps was pretty nice, tho.  Maybe in FileMaker someday…

Looking forward to DevCon – only a few days away now!  I’ll continue to tweet and post while there, and may even take video on the exhibit floor – I’m trying to work that into the schedule.

Glad to hear FM Go sales are driving FileMaker sales.  Here’s hoping FileMaker can leverage that into something bigger and better.

And finally, news you can use:  A Brief History of the Bikini.

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