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The Perform Script on Server (PSoS) showed up in FileMaker Server 13 back in November of 2013.  Since then, there have been several good sources for learning more about it:

  • PSoS FileMaker Perform Script on Server – YouTube
  • PSoS FileMaker Tutorial – Perform Script on Server – YouTube
  • PSoS 100x Faster – Flight Testing FileMaker 13 Perform Script on Server – Part I | the beezwax buzz
  • PSoS  FileMaker 13: Optimizations Using “Perform Script on Server”

There are more is you use the search bar above and on the right.

James Scarpetta of Scarpetta Group recently started a series of posts on PSoS, starting simple and working up to more complex examples:

Here is a script step if you haven’t used yet then you really should. I’m going to give an entry level introduction to it in this post but watch for more posts expanding on how it can be used further.

For this demo we have a Account table and Contacts table. While there are a number of ways to create the contact record, we’re using the PSoS because it’s a simple record to create and will give you a base of where to start. I will use 2 scripts to create the record but it can be done in one.

The first script will be called “New Contact” and the other I’ll call “PSoS – New Contact”. Adding the “PSoS” just lets me know this script will run on the server. I’ve added the New Contact button on my layout as you can see in the image below.

These posts are good for beginning to intermediate skill level developers.  Keep an eye out here for more in the series.

More…PSoS – Perform Script on Server Part 1 – The Scarpetta Group, Inc..

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