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Submitted by Nicholas Orr on 21 May 2013 – 4:57pm

We’ve been busy working on our free BaseElements plugin again. This is a minor alpha release, but contains quite a few changes.


First we’ve added more JSON support in the ability to encode data in the required JSON format. So a new function :

BE_JSON_Encode ( key {; value ; type } )

Allows you to build properly encoded JSON data. Using this one function as a base, you can encode pretty much any FileMaker data into proper JSON. Some structures ( arrays etc ) need a little manual extra work, but the work of having proper JSON data in FileMaker is now simple with both incoming data ( BE_JSONPath ) and now outgoing available.

Value Lists

We’ve also added some basic list manipulation that really should be in the FileMaker function list, but isn’t.

BE_Values_Unique ( listOfValues )

Will trim a list down into only unique values.

BE_Values_Sort ( listOfValues )

Sorts a list alphanumerically.

BE_Values_FilterOut ( textToFilter ; filterValues )

Does the opposite of FilterValues where it leaves in only the filtered values, this one leaves them out. In other words it’s like a NOT function for Value Lists – remove anything in the textToFilter that is in filterValues, leaving only the values NOT in the list.

More…Plugin Updates – JSON, dialogs, PUT and Sort | Goya Pty Ltd.

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