Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook – FileMaker Design

I missed this post by Alexis Allen of Designing FileMaker back in December.  She links to a great PDF design handbook by USTWO that is easy to read, has great examples, and tells you what is naughty and nice with each concept:

Reader David Schellenberg (thanks David!) sent The Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook my way a while ago. It’s a great primer on the major design concepts with a focus on mobile app and web development from design studio ustwo.

It shows you what to do, but also examples of what to avoid (“naughty” and “nice”). There are clear definitions and examples of common design terms. It’s comprehensive but brief, giving a good overview of many concepts along with examples illustrating the point. It’s aimed at app/web developers but the design concepts covered in the first 80 or so pages are very solid.

It presumes you’re the “designer” who’s going to hand off the project to the “developer.” However, the text might actually help FileMaker devs (who often “do it all”) to understand the role of designer better, by seeing how design is treated on projects where separate people fill those roles.

Although it is aimed at slightly different audience, the principles apply to FileMaker design, as well.

Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook – Design for FileMaker Pro Developers.

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