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A free video from Matt Petrowsky on tuning your solution for speed. Un-stored calculations are the biggest culprit, but there is plenty more, such as turning off Quick Find, unnecessary search fields, Tool tips, and Conditional Hiding:

When your average knowledge worker starts developing with FileMaker Pro, there’s a lot of background and history which may be missing. Especially, when it comes to making certain decisions about schema. We’ve all been at that level at some point in the learning curve, and the process of reworking things is just par for the course.

The FileMaker environment makes it so easy to simply add a new calculated value. It’s even part of our mental processing. “Oh, I need to calculate this.”

The problem, however, with FileMaker’s simplicity can be its detriment to performance. It’s far too easy to sprinkle in unstored calculations all throughout your database systems.

Source: Performance Review – ISO FileMaker Magazine

I recently had to program exports and imports on a FileMaker solution, and ran across this problem: Importing/exporting directly to and from another FileMaker Pro file is not supported via a FileMaker Server scheduled script.  So something that works on FileMaker client does not work on a FileMaker server using a scheduled script.

The work around was easy:  Export to the temporary folder in an Excel format, and import back from there:

  1. Set Variable $Path to Get(TemporaryPath) & filename.xlsx
  2. Export Records  to $Path
  3. Import Records from $Path
  4. Add some error checking

I found the link below was very helpful in getting this solved rather quickly.

Source: Import/Export script on FileMaker Server | FileMaker

Fighting back against the forces of evil:  Opera launches ‘free and unlimited’ VPN app for iOS

This seems about right:  

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