NightWing Enterprises Releases Updated FileMaker Demos

RAY COLOGON of Nightwing Enterprises has updated his demos and released some new ones:

The first ten demos in this series are available immediately and include a mix of new techniques based on the features of the FileMaker 13 platform, along with updated versions of some of our previous demos (reworked in light of the new features). This set of demos showcases a number of our favourites among the features of FileMaker 13.

Eight of this first set of FileMaker 13 demos are unlocked, so that you can access the code. Two are preview-only (code available to registered users). These include an update to version 2.0 of our UltraLog audit tracking system (which is a free upgrade for paid licensees of version 1.0), plus a Custom Status Panel system that replicates the navigation functionality of the Status Toolbar (including a ‘draggable’ slider) as a compact native layout object group.

Download at the link, and be sure to note the licensing restrictions on a couple of the files.

NightWing Enterprises – FileMaker Demos.


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