New FileMaker Security Guide and Security Webinar

FILEMAKER IS PUSHING SECURITY pretty heavily – there is an upcoming seminar on February 11th, as well as a new downloadable pdf. 

Data protection is a priority for businesses of all sizes. In 2012, the Wall Street Journal cited this alarming statistic, “Firms with 11 to 100 employees are attacked more than ten times as frequently as the next larger tier (100 to 1000 employees).” Fortunately, the FileMaker Platform can help organizations protect their valuable data with the ability to control user access down to the field level of a solution. And with FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced, data can be secured using powerful AES 256-bit encryption while hosted on FileMaker Server 13.

Download the new Security Guide for FileMaker 13, an informative guide outlining best practices when using the FileMaker Platform to create, manage and deploy solutions to meet your organization’s security needs.

Security is critical, and with a recent report showing that small companies are subject to more attacks all the time, it’s best to be on top of this subject.

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