How Much Do FileMaker Developers Make? – Thorsen Consulting

THINKING OF DEVELOPING WITH FILEMAKER FULL TIME?  You’ll want to read Molly Connelly’s latest on what you can expect to earn.  She breaks it down from junior developer to technical lead:

Technical Lead

A Technical Lead is currently the most sought after FileMaker position in the industry. A technical lead not only has great technical chops, but they are able to perform needs analysis, architect solutions, interact with customers and above all—manage other developers. This person helps you grow your business. This person already has a full-time job or is working for themselves and in order to lure them to work for you you’ll need to offer security, interesting projects, autonomy, flexibility and money. Technical Leads earn between $85-100/hour as a subcontractor. Technical Leads who are on their own typically have their own clients and are charging $100-150/hour.  They can expect to earn $95-125K (including a bonus of up as much as 10% of salary) as a full-time employee.

Read the comments to get some specific examples of pay in different areas.

How Much Do FileMaker Developers Make? – Thorsen Consulting.


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