Mac OS X reports unexpected version of OpenSSL | FileMaker

THIS SECURITY BREACH may require two patches to fix, one by Apple and one by FileMaker (but only if your software is not up to date):

OpenSSL (Open Secure Sockets Layer) is a library that is used to encrypt websites and user information as it travels on the Internet.  It is critical that you keep the version of OpenSSL used on your system (and in turn with FileMaker Server) up to date to prevent unauthorized access to personal data.

FileMaker, Inc. has identified an issue where the reported version of OpenSSL being used with FileMaker products on Mac OS X is not the expected version.  The OpenSSL version that is being used by Mac OS X can be checked by typing “OpenSSL version” into a Terminal command prompt.  If the results of running OpenSSL return “0.9.8y” or older, it is recommended that you review the information below.

Click through to the original for more details.  The article is a bit thin on what the actual consequences of this breach are–does it actually allow unauthorized access?  That question is not answered. Mac OS X reports unexpected version of OpenSSL | FileMaker.

Photo Credits: nelz9999 Foter CC BY-NC

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