Look Up FileMaker Client Record Using Caller ID on VOIP Telephone

DO YOU HAVE A VOIP TELEPHONE SYSTEM?  And a FileMaker client database?  Have you ever wondered if you could use the former to make the latter call up a client record automatically?

Wonder no more!  Douglas Alder of Homebase and Steve Barer of Oak Bay Softrends describe how it came to be:

A few weeks back, we had a meeting of the BC FileMaker Developer Association. Joshua Paul of Neo Code Software, was talking about the benefits of the Voice Over Internet phone system his company had installed. His phone costs were way down, the voice quality was reliable and crystal clear (because the system uses better more modern ‘high definition’ codecs than the standard phone lines). Best of all, he could create a virtual office scenario with developers in widely diverse locations, yet it felt like everyone was in the next room.

Steve Barer of Oak Bay Softrends asked if Neo Code’s phone system could bring up a customer record when they called in. Steve felt that this was the holy grail that most offices would sacrifice the boss’s middle-management son for. Josh had to admit that it did not yet, but that it was a good idea. The next day, taking up the challenge, Josh called me to demo how he got this working. He spent a morning figuring out how to do it. It is pretty basic once you have it working, but it helps to know what you are looking for. The ability to run FileMaker Pro lookups based on an incoming Caller ID has application in a variety of sales and customer support situations. Once Neo Code put this in place they found it invaluable and could not imagine working without it. We hope you are as excited about this idea as we are.

They used 360 Works RemoteScripter plugin to call a script on the client for their system, but found that some systems will work with the FileMaker 13’s FMP URL script call.  I found the learning curve for calling a script through RemoteScripter a little steep, but once learned it is pretty straightforward.

Check out the post for all the details of the setup.

via Caller ID looks up FileMaker Client Record with VOIP Telephone | HomeBase Software.


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