Lesterius (MyFMButler) at DevCon 2017 – Mobile App Builder

What’s New From Lesterius (AKA MyFMButler)

Lesterius is one of the largest European FileMaker developer companies, and also sells great FileMaker related products.  I had the opportunity to stop by their booth at DevCon 2017 and learn what they’ve been up to in just two minutes:

Along with updates to several of their existing products like FM Calendar, Lesterius just released a new product that many FileMaker Developers might just want to check out:  Mobile App Builder.

No Need for xCode

If you want to build a FileMaker based iOS app, you can do it.  You just need to learn how to use Apple’s xCode and the FileMaker SDK.  Which is a large barrier for many developers, especially if you don’t have the time necessary to learn it properly.  Mobile App Builder will help – it allows you to build a custom iOS FileMaker App without learning xCode:

Mobile App Builder allows you to create and manage FileMaker mobile custom apps with the iOS App SDK without knowledge of Xcode in an easy-to-use interface.

The required knowledge of command line instructions and xcode can be a threshold to use the FileMaker iOS App SDK. With the myFMbutler Mobile App Builder we simplified the whole build process and you can now build apps without even opening Xcode.

It’s due to be released this month but isn’t shipping as of today.

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