Jump Start Your FileMaker Developer Career

MOLLY CONNOLLY and a group of very talented instructors are offering JumpStartFM again this summer.  If you are looking for a way (possibly tax deductible!) to radically increase your FileMaker Developing skills in a short time period, give this program serious consideration:

Thorsen Consulting has opened registration for the next “JumpStartFM” course. Scheduled for June 2nd – 26, 2014, this online class is for developers looking to take their FileMaker skills to the next level.

JumpStartFM students attend 12 online classes between June 2nd and June 26, 2014 and complete project work on their own time. One-on-one feedback from expert instructors means the hands-on project assignments can be tailored to developers working at all levels – from new hires with little or no knowledge of Filemaker to administrators or “power-users” who want to fill in gaps in knowledge.

Participants come away with a solid understanding of FileMaker and its capabilities, a set of marketable skills (QA, testing, basic design) and a long term plan to lead them to certification and high-level development expertise.

The “early bird rate” of $2500 is available to those who book by May 1, 2014*. Lectures are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. Central Time. Students will need to commit an additional 10-15 hours each week on coursework and assignments.

Course details, a list of instructors, and an online registration form can be found at JumpStartFM.com.

* This in-depth, hands-on FileMaker course will expand employment or contract opportunities. Check with your CPA or your Human Resources Department to see if the cost of JumpStartFM can be deducted on your tax return or reimbursed via a company tuition reimbursement program.

This years agenda includes the following topics:

  1. Needs Analysis & Project Planning
  2. Developer Tools & Resources
  3. System Design & Architecture
  4. User Interface, Design & Usability
  5. FileMaker Go
  6. Estimating & Time Management
  7. Quality Assurance & Testing
  8. Certification Prep
  9. Deployment
  10. Installation, Configuration & Backups
  11. Customer Service & Support

The instructors are Molly Connolly, David A. Knight, Chris Ippolite, Matt Navarre, and Deborah Zempel.

BTW, Molly also offers Business Coaching, Training, and Advisory services – critical skills and knowledge for any aspiring developer.

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