Integrate Google Map Long. & Lat. to FileMaker

Very cool example of some of things you can make FileMaker do when you are willing to work with another programming language.  In this case Doug Alders is using Javascript to grab data from google maps and move it into FileMaker:

Using a Javascript overlay on Google Maps and FileMaker’s URL scheme to channel those coordinates into FileMaker records. Click on a map, add longitude and latitude to FileMaker Pro.

This project was brought about by a customer request. They wanted a method of clicking on a Google Map and having the Longitude and Latitude come up that could then be cut and pasted into a FileMaker record. The project was for wildlife observation software sold as a FileMaker Runtime. Google has recently changed their Maps API (again) and it broke an existing method in the Runtime.

I am not sure who else this technique would be useful for, but I thought it makes for a cool demo of Javascript integration with FileMaker.

Very cool!  Be sure to read the whole thing, as he encountered some difficulties that he found ways around.

Source: Click, Display, Capture – Google Map Longitude & Latitude into FileMaker Pro | HomeBase Software

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