Improved FileMaker Salesforce Integration

Soliant offers high level integration with SalesForce, a heavyweight in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) arena.  They’ve just combined javascript and FileMaker to connect directly to the SalesForce API:

The team here at Soliant was hoping that the improved “insert from URL” script step would prove to be able to communicate with Salesforce – Alas, the lack of ability to set headers (despite being able to post) means that this script step is not able to be used for communication with Salesforce.

Another option that was explored was using FileMaker –> AppleScript –> Curl –> FileMaker. While this worked, you can imagine it’s stability. Not great.

However, FileMaker recently announced an improvement to their WebViewer component that now finally allows pure FileMaker communication with Salesforce, Via Oauth (well, all the code lives in FileMaker, anyway). Now we are talking!

JavaScript that is loaded as part of a webpage can now communicate with FileMaker via the FMP URL syntax. This has been extensively written up in the popular blog post by one of my fellow developers at Soliant:…. This blog relies extensively on Mike’s work. Thanks Mike!

For a company already using SalesForce, pulling data from or sending data to SalesForce is a great way to get the customizable power of FileMaker working with the existing CRM.


FileMaker Salesforce Integration via OAuth Hooray!.

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