How to make a million bucks – as a FileMaker developer?

Douglas Alder’s getting started guide is full of great information and a must read for anyone thinking about developing with FileMaker for a living:

FileMaker has a bit of a push on right now to get new developers into working with the FileMaker Pro platform. They recently launched a webpage on their main website to encourage new developers considering the platform. At the recent FileMaker DevCon they talked it up and encouraged developers to help enlisting others to the cause. Going to the FileMaker DevCons I have noticed that there are a lot of balding and greying heads in the crowd. There definitely seems to be a need for fresh blood to keep the platform vibrant.

Steve Martin jokes about how to make a million bucks — “..First, you get a million dollars…” Learning FileMaker is a bit like that. To get rich, or at least to make a reasonable living doing it, you have to know a fair bit to get started. A friend of mine has been exploring learning FileMaker with a view to developing his own vertical market app. I assembled a bit of a shopping list for him of FileMaker resources. I thought it might be worth sharing here for other new developers. Most of it is free or nominally priced, some of it is expensive.

Among some of Doug’s favorite tools and links are Clip Manager, type ahead software, links to blogs, forums, and helpful websites that will get you started more quickly.  One tip is the program Clarify, which I have been meaning to try.  Right now I use Skitch and Camtasia, with some Jing (Jing is free and a great tool to introduce to your clients.  They can make short videos and easily do screen grabs, and it works on Mac’s and PC’s) thrown in for good measure.  It looks like Clarify will combine them all.

There’s a lot more good advice at the link, as well as lots of blog articles by Doug.  Read the whole thing.

via Tools for New FileMaker Developers – How to make a million bucks… | HomeBase Software.

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