How To: FileMaker SSL Certificate Network Encryption Security – YouTube

 Security concerns are paramount these days, and for good reason: Hackers, and their bots, are running on the web all the time, probing and poking at routers and data streams.  Part of the solution to better security is to install an SSL certificate, which will encrypt data from point to point.  SSL does not protect data at the end points; you’ll need to look at password security, data encryption, and other security measures to protect your data.

Claus Lavendt of Datamanix, along with Richard Carlton, of RC Consulting, have teamed up to produce a great video on the subject of SSL, and have a free tool to help install custom SSL certificate:

We have created a small free tool and a simple guide that you can use to install a custom SSL certificate on your FileMaker Server.  There is very good info on FileMaker’s website, both in the knowledge base and in various community discussion threads, that we encourage you to read…

You can download the simple guide and tool HERE

Watch the video and get the answers you need to install and configure SSL (Pay attention at the 21 minute mark for a tip to avoid a permissions problem).   Download the simple guide and tool HERE.

How To: FileMaker SSL Certificate Network Encryption Security – YouTube.

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