Hola App Lets You Watch Any TV Program Anywhere In The World

WATCH ANY TV PROGRAM anywhere in the world, evade government surveillance, stop location tracking, help prevent hacking – what’s not to like?

Meanwhile, Internet users in other countries are utilizing Hola to access Web applications that are not yet available in their regions at all, such as Hulu, Spotify, and Pandora. And employees of companies that block social networks from office workstations can use it to while away their afternoons on Instagram.

For citizens living under repressive regimes such as Iran, China, and Saudi Arabia, Hola’s potential is considerably more transformative: Once optimized, it will allow them to view sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google, as well as Wikipedia, The New York Times and other news and information outlets that are otherwise blocked by their respective governments…

And because the app changes a device’s IP address — its unique Web signature — it makes it easier to evade government surveillance, helps shield computers and phones from hackers, and sidesteps location-tracking software. Finally, it renders the recent court decision striking down net neutrality rules essentially meaningless. After all, if an ISP can’t see what content is flowing to your machine, they can’t throttle your bandwidth.

Oh yeah – it’s FREE.
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