Google Calendar Integration for FileMaker

First look: Google Calendar Integrations for FileMaker, from Feedzon:

Google Calendar Integration for FileMaker

Feedzon Calendar is a simple yet powerful API enabling you to easily integrate your FileMaker solutions with Google Calendar in as little as just one script step. Support is provided for both free Google and Google Apps accounts and there are no limits to the number of FileMaker tables or files, servers, Google accounts or calendars that you can connect to.

This is the most thorough implementation of any service integrating FileMaker with Google Calendar and includes features not supported elsewhere such as repeating events, attendees and time zones. Most importantly, integration with your solution is achieved using FileMaker Scripts which you’re already familiar with, so you remain in complete control.

The Feedzon Calendar API enables you to publish data from FileMaker to Google Calendar and subscribe to Google Calendar data from FileMaker, effectively providing a full two-way synchronisation. Once synchronised with Google Calendar, you could access your calendar through your desktop calendar application, embed it on your website or give access to staff using any mobile device, including Android. Data entered by them directly into their mobile devices will then synchronise directly back to your FileMaker database.

Feedzon Calendar does not require FileMaker Server, although server-side scripting is certainly possible. Feedzon Calendar works directly with stand-alone or networked solutions using FileMaker Go, Pro, Server, WebDirect, CWP and runtime solutions.

Feedzon Calendar replaces and greatly improves upon our very successful FMgCal plug-in which helped thousands of FileMaker users for several years.


Feedzon Calendar uses features built into the FileMaker 13 family and requires no plug-ins nor Java, so there is no need to install anything on your computers. We leverage and enhance Google’s own sophisticated security features giving you complete control over which users have access to which calendars. You can even group or separate customers into separate ‘service’ accounts.

Functions include: Identify available calendars; Create, edit and delete single or repeating events; Add, edit or remove attendees; Specify availability (free or busy); Time-zone support; International date formats; Download events between specified dates; Download events that were created, edited or removed since a specified date; Search events by text; Download details of repeating events; Moving events between calendars.

Feedzon Calendar is a subscription bases product and the costs start at US $15 per month for a single account.

Are any readers out there using this product? Please share your experience in the comments.

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