Getting Started with Javascript and FileMaker

ANOTHER EXAMPLE of why the upgrade of the FMP URL protocol is so powerful:

FileMaker Inc. has released an update for FileMaker Pro 13 (see the release notes here). Among the list of improvements to FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced is the extended functionality of the FMP URL protocol to include support for calling a script to run in FileMaker from within a web viewer.

This is a big deal

Working with the web viewer is now a two way street. You set the web veiwer from FileMaker, and now you get data back from what is going on inside the web viewer.

Previously this capability was only available in FM Go or if you happened to be running FileMaker Pro with a file hosted on FileMaker Server. By removing that constraint, this opens up a lot of possibilities for developers to extend and improve the solutions we build.

Mike Duncan gives concrete examples of how to use these new technologies and is helpful to beginners and old pro’s alike.  Download the example file and tear it apart.  You won’t regret it.

Getting Started with Javascript and FileMaker.


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