Getting Rid of Paper-based Processes (4 Case Studies) – YouTube

Four real life examples of companies changing over from paper to paperless and how they did it.  There is a process involved, including analyzing, planning, building, and implementation.  Watch the video for more details:

Published on Oct 27, 2014

More businesses today are seeking alternatives to legacy paper-based processes. Companies of all sizes are replacing photocopiers with iPads, reducing storage costs, and severely improving data collection time and accuracy with efficient solutions that automate and empower their local and mobile teams.

With the FileMaker Platform, solutions can be built to custom fit your needs. From document management to job site inspections, learn how FileMaker can be applied to solve just about any paper-based process and be securely shared wherever you go.

See real-world case studies and examples of how 4 companies streamlined their business processes using custom solutions including; Ascend Performance Materials, McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream, S & G Seeds, and Penny Newman Grain.

via FileMaker Web Seminar: Getting Rid of Paper-based Processes (4 Case Studies) – YouTube.

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