Get Interviewed at FileMaker Devcon 2015

Are you ready to engage in some blatant self promotion at FileMaker Devcon 2015?


Simply stop by the FileMaker Pro Gurus Suite at the Cosmo anytime during the days of the conference. We’ll have a four camera shoot rolling all the time, and we’ll be meeting, greeting, and interviewing attendees, exhibitors, and anyone wanting to promote what they do in the FileMaker World. The interviews will be processed and posted to throughout the conference.

Check, twitter (@fmprogurus), Facebook, and g+ for the suite number starting on Monday, July 20th.

Just drop in during the day and we’ll make it happen – and we’ll have refreshments available, too.  And you never know who you’ll get to meet!

Share your video interview with friends, family, and the world.


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