Free FileMaker Tool to Create HTML Email Signatures

MATT LARSEN, a Senior Systems Engineer at, posted on a very cool idea–using a FileMaker solutions to build a web based signature block of HTML that you can host on a web server, then link that code in you outgoing emails.  The result?  High quality signature blocks in all of your emails to all devices:

Email has proven to be a critical part of running a business. Whether it’s a small shop that monitors a single inbox or a large corporation tasked with maintaining thousands of accounts, everyone uses it. We, along with many other professionals, have been guilty of attaching images as part of our signatures. Here’s what my signature looked like: old_signatureNot bad, if I do say so myself—I’ve got a good photo of myself to add a little human touch, our logo, our slogan, and basic contact information. But attaching an image to every outgoing email has its problems; many email services and clients block image attachments by default, and if your recipient is trying to look for an attachment in the dozens of emails you sent them, you’ve just given them a tedious task. You could stop using attachments, but we’ve got a better idea. Host your images on a web server and set up an HTML signature that links to them via the img src tag. Using HTML in your signature also comes with other benefits:

There are additional instructions for handling exceptions (smart phone requirements, for example) and more at the link.  Very nice work, Matt!

HTML Email Signatures and Free FileMaker Tool to Create Them –, Inc. Tech.


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