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We’ve had a number of requests for the ‘Teaser’ file I used in the YouTube videos where we showcased FMRPC. This blog post explains how that file is constructed, and lets you download it and take it for a test drive yourself. You’ll find this file has less educational content and complexity than the demo file we ship with FMRPC, so consider it an alternative demo file that tries to make the scripting easier to follow and recreate in your own solutions.

We’ve also had some feedback about how Native vs FMRPC operations stack up over time. This blog will also provide a little insight into how you’ll get the most out of FMRPC if you first understand how FileMaker moves data over the LAN/WAN.

First things first

A quick list of things you should know about this file:

  • The username is ‘Admin’ and the password is ‘demo’.
  • This file contains 500 sample records and 500 working records.
  • The interface for Go was designed to be viewed in landscape mode.
  • All the buttons are hard-wired to the scripts they call so it should be pretty clear what calls what and how.
  • Some examples demonstrate the benefits of FMRPC over the WAN with more records in the working table. Use the ‘Import All’ button on the LAN or the ‘Insert All’ button on the WAN to increase the working record count by 500 records at a time.
  • This file has no error handling outside the FMRPC script(s), so don’t forget to Import/Insert working records back into the solution after testing the Delete All scripts!
  • To use the Get Stock Quote button, you’ll need to install the free BaseElements plugin on the FileMaker Server for the Web Publishing Engine.
  • To use the Run CC (Credit Card) button, you’ll need to install the 360Works Plastic2 plugin on the FileMaker Server for the Web Publishing Engine. There’s a commented script step in the ‘Run CC charge using 360Works Plastic2 plugin’ script where you can put in your registration information, otherwise you will have to restart the Web Publishing Engine every 2 hours to reinitialize the demo license for this plug-in.
  • If you’re doing speed tests I’d suggest running at least one FMRPC test first to get the initial login for the session out of the way.

Using the demo…

More… FMRPC: Alternate Demo file and a performance tip | FileMaker Development Company.

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