FMEasyAudit – A FileMaker Open Source Auditing Solution

TIM DIETRICH just released FMEasyAudit–and it’s available via Open Source licensing!  I spent a little time looking it over and I like what I see:

EasyAudit is an open source solution for implementing logging and auditing of FileMaker databases.

Here are some of EasyAudit’s features:

  • • Supports logging of updates, deletions, imports, and more.
  • • Logs container fields, repeating fields, etc.
  • • Uses only native FileMaker functionality.
  • • Easy setup and configuration.
  • • No additional files are needed.
  • • Fast, with little to no impact on performance.
  • • Provided via an open source license.

Tim provides a complete beta solution that you are free to use in your own solutions.  Once caveat – FMEasyAudit requires FileMaker Server 13 to operate properly.  There is a free download at the link, and complete setup instructions as well.   Thanks, Tim!

via FMEasyAudit | An Open Source Auditing Solution for the FileMaker Platform.

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