FileMaker Web Viewer: Script Trigger on mouseover – YouTube

I DON’T NORMALLY  post videos that do not have audio (even some music helps).  This time is an exception.  I don’t know how to pronounce the authors name (here it is, help is appreciated:  野田修) or anything about him.  Other than what he shows in this video is pretty cool.  And that he found a way to trigger a script in a web viewer on mouse over.

Is triggering a script on a mouseover a cool thing?  Yes.  Can it be irritating when not used correctly.  Yes again.  In a recent project, we had a plugin that allowed triggering a popover menu on mouseover.  It got irritating after a while and we all agreed it needed to go.

But the main point here is that developers keep pushing the edge of what  can do, and that in turn spawns even more creative code that adds new and more powerful tools to our toolboxes.

Watch the whole video below.

Web Viewer: Script Trigger on mouseover – YouTube.

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