FileMaker unlocks improved data accuracy and business efficiency at KeyPlus

FileMaker unlocks improved data accuracy and business efficiency at KeyPlus

KeyPlus provides “patrol and response” security services to several hundred sites across East Lancashire. Clients include large and small businesses, council premises and residential homes. KeyPlus’ unique position as the only patrol and response company willing to provide a money back guarantee makes service efficiency, of paramount importance.

KeyPlus’ reputation is built on its ability to rapidly respond to fast moving situations in addition to being a reliable patrol presence at its customers’ premises. Being able to schedule activity accurately is vital, as is fast access to information such as alarm codes and customer emergency contact details, along with accurate and prompt reporting to clients. Response officers also need the ability to access and interact with the database remotely when on patrol or responding to an alarm.

To manage the necessary information and processes initially, a Microsoft Access database was designed and built in-house. However, as KeyPlus grew, it was unable to keep pace with the required level of complexity. It became unwieldy and difficult to understand and this was exacerbated by the fact that the users were not IT professionals.

There were no suitable bespoke solutions for the security industry, so it was necessary for KeyPlus to develop a solution independently. This required a platform that was intuitive, easy to use and would not require IT professionals to build and maintain it.

KeyPlus uses its FileMaker solution to schedule patrol duties, respond to alarm activation, store details relating to customer premises and their personnel, report incidents, generate invoices and create vital business reports. Staff members work from the primary solution or a slimmed down iPad/iPhone version depending on their security clearance.

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