FileMaker Tips and Tricks

Kevin Frank digs into his bag of tricks for part 2 of his series and comes up with 11 good FileMaker Tips and Tricks.

  • Tip #1: Get to know COALESCE

  • Tip #2: FM/SQL dates revisited

  • Tip #3: use the NOT operator to simplify logic

  • Tip #4: Use “” in place of Get ( FileName )

  • Tip #5: Addendum to the preceding

  • Tip #6: Further addendum to the preceding

  • Tip #7: Retrofit FM 14 check marks into FM 12 or 13 solutions

  • Tip #8: Duplicating vs. Copying an Import Records script ste

  • Tip #9: Find/Constrain/Extend via context menu

  • Tip #10: Trap for missing layouts

  • Tip #11: The “?” character evaluates to Boolean true

I don’t use SQL a lot, but I like the COALESCE  command in Tips 1 and 2.

Tip 7 is very handy…I wonder if anything else works like that.

Tip 9:  I had no idea I could Extend Found Set on selected text:FileMaker Tips and Tricks

Tip 11:  Great ideas and a good tip from Tom Fitch in the comments.

Read the whole thing!

Source: Tips ’n’ Tricks, part 2 | FileMakerHacks

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