Filemaker Success Tips 338

A reader recently commented on an earlier post about podcasting being boring and that video was a much better way to go.

Fair point.   Video is more effective at instruction:  almost all people learn better with visual and audio feedback combined with repetition.

It would seem that video has it all over podcasts, and that no one would want to listen to the latter.  Yet podcasts are growing in popularity:

And podcasts of all types have been on the up and up: According to the Washington Post, podcast downloads passed 1 billion mark last year and monthly podcast listeners number 75 million per month.

Why?  I think it is because of modern lifestyle.  Many people spend a sizable part of each day doing things where watching a video is not possible (like driving or exercising), and still want to be entertained or to learn.

Enter podcasts.  Most car manufacturers have built in podcasting capabilities with newer cars:

Now, though, cars are going online. Both Google and Apple have rolled out connected-car platforms (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, respectively), and most new cars sold in the U.S. these days come with the ability to play smartphone audio over the car’s speakers, either through Bluetooth connectivity or through a USB or auxiliary plug. One industry group, GMSA, estimates that 50 percent of all cars sold in 2015 will be internet-connected, and 100 percent by 2025.

With that said, next time you have 20 minutes to fill, try the FileMaker Success Tips series from Dr. Andy Cohen and Lee Smith:

Filemaker Success Tips 338

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