FileMaker Server 12 Patch for Java 55 & 60

I UNDERSTAND WHY JAVA needs to continuously update their product–I really do.  New features, bug fixes, new functionality–it all makes sense.

What I don’t understand is why it breaks FileMaker Server or Server Admin dang near every time.  Thankfully, FileMaker Server 13 is HTML based and not subject to this little dance anymore.

Here’s the scoop on the latest fix for FileMaker Server 12:

Hotfix Description:

  • FileMaker, Inc. has released a software patch for FileMaker Server 12.0v5 and 12.0v6. This hotfix addresses an issue where web publishing fails when using Java 7 update 55 or 60.

Note:  You must first update Java before applying this Hotfix.

Follow the instructions below after downloading the hotfix.

1. Download and unzip thefms12java7patch.zipfile to the desktop of your server machine.Automated Install Instructions

2. Open the child folder that corresponds to your machine, either theWinorMacfolder.

3. Run the Hotfix script (Hotfix.bat for Windows, for Mac) by double-clicking the file or by using the command prompt (Windows) or the Terminal application (OS X).

4. After the script has run, you are prompted to restart the Web Publishing Engine and the Admin Server process. You may restart these processes at a later time, but the hotfix will not be applied until these processes are restarted. See “Starting and stopping FileMaker Server” in FileMaker Server Help.

There’s more at the link, so click to follow.

More…Software Patch: FileMaker Server 12.0v5 and 12.0v6 using Java 7 update 55 or 60 | FileMaker.

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