FileMaker Script Workspace

DB Services dug deep into the new Script Workspace feature of FileMaker 14:

It’s been a long time coming. FileMaker Inc. has revamped, redesigned and reengineered the scripting and calculation environment in FileMaker 14, modernizing the development experience, reducing the learning curve for new developers, and increasing the productivity of everyone. This new environment, the Script Workspace, is the biggest change to a FileMaker developer’s day-to-day job in recent memory. And it is a welcomed change indeed. Let’s dive into what the new Script Workspace brings to both the seasoned and new developer alike….

FileMaker 14 Script Workspace

Learn all about the FileMaker Script Workspace, the new scripting environment in FileMaker 14. Become efficient by taking advantage of time saving features.

There’s a lot of new information to absorb.

Some of the features of the new Script Workspace:

  • Number script steps–very nice for troubleshooting in long scripts
  • Text wrapping so you can see everything in a script step
  • Add white space with the return key (after selecting the script step)
  • Easy Commenting:  in any white space, type the pound sign and start typing
  • Tab into calculations and enter/modify them on the fly.  No new window needed
  • View script on the left, and script stepson the right.  Or hide those, if desired
  • Easily add folders and separators to the script list
  • Type ahead when entering script steps.  Start to type If, and it auto enters If and End If, and places the cursor in the IFf calculation space

But back to DB Services:

Color Coding & Syntax Highlighting

To help improve the readability of scripts, the Script Workspace introduced step color coding and syntax highlighting, a very welcomed addition to the development experience.

Script Step color coding FileMaker 14

If you don’t like the default colors, set your own favorites by clicking on the color bar for each category.

There is a lot more at the source–follow the link to read it all.

Source: FileMaker Script Workspace | DB Services

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