FileMaker RESTful Web Service Update

GOYA has releases version 3.0 of RESTFM, a powerful set up tools that allows FileMaker hosted databases to interact with web services:

Lots of systems now have RESTful Web Service APIs and are setup to allow access via these methods. Now your FileMaker Server data can talk to all of these systems. For example you can use Drupal to access FMS data in your Web Site. You could use Wakanda to build a Web or Mobile app, using FMS data in the back end.

Nearly every custom development platform ( Java.NETOraclePHP, Netbeans ) contains common controls for accessing a RESTful Web Service, so not matter what you’re developing there is likely to be an easy

way to speak to RESTfm.

Check it out.

RESTfm | FileMaker RESTful Web Service.

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