FileMaker Record and Field Locking Strategies | HomeBase Software

LOCKING A RECORD – OR FIELDS ON A RECORD – is something you will run across in your development career.  Douglas Alder offers a solid method for each in this blog post:

1) Lock the entire record from deletion and editing by employing a customized privilege set and a field for tagging the records to lock. Related table records can be locked as well.

  • Pro: Simple, few moving parts.
  • Con: Less flexible

2) Rather than locking an entire record, instead lock specific fields while still allowing some fields to still be edited. The lock field and privilege set are still employed, but in addition each field you wish to protect has a validation calculation attached to it.

  • Pro: More flexible
  • Con: More field definitions to modify.

Record and Field Locking Strategies | HomeBase Software.


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