Filemaker Pro 13 continues domination on OS X and iOS

I THINK IT’S THE MOST POWERFUL SOLUTION on the Windows platform, too. Being the most powerful and robust includes features like easier to learn and use, lower development costs, shorter development cycle, and overall product life cycle cost–all areas in which FileMaker excels.  FileMaker integrates with other software, too–SQL, PHP, XML, HTML, CSS–to name a few.

Finally, FileMaker is just easier to work with:

New features in FileMaker Pro 13 include enhanced design and development tools such as custom themes, styles, a field picker, and the ability to control object visibility. If you’re just getting started with FileMaker development, you’ll appreciate its improved starter solutions that allow you to get up and running quickly. In the span of about an hour, I used the out-of-box inventory template to create a product database from an Excel file containing 27,000 rows, and a contact database out of a 6,000 record CSV file. It’d be nice if FileMaker was better able to match fields on import, but it’s nothing that a little drag and drop couldn’t fix.

Filemaker Pro 13 continues to dominate on OS X and iOS | ZDNet.


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