FileMaker Popover Menu

FileMaker Popover Menu

I stumbled across this 17 minute video and thought it should be shared as a great example of how to build a simple, attractive, effective FileMaker popover menu.  Bobby Hritz, of Cross It Solutions and Solutions, LLC, also shows how to build submenus by adding in slider panels and some coding.  All in all, an elegant solution that works well for many situations:

The Ultimate FileMaker Menu

What is the Ultimate FileMaker Menu?  A partial list would include the following characteristics:

  • Easy to build
  • Easy to update – each change should roll to all other menus on all other layouts (as needed)
  • Works in Browse and Find Mode
  • Works without the use of plugins or custom functions
  • Works in List View
  • Works with FM Go, Client, and WebDirect
  • Handles multiple sub menus or tiers
  • Hides when desired
  • Maximizes screen real estate

Over the years I have studied and used several different menu solutions and navigation techniques, and have yet to find the one that is the ultimate, although Mike Duncan’s recently updated solution is close.

Today’s featured solution uses many of these criteria and is easy to build, and is useful in the right circumstances.  Using the right tool for the job is always a consideration:  don’t use sledge hammer when a ball peen hammer is called for.

Watch this video and store this link in your virtual toolbox, ready to pull out when the situation is right. It’s good to have a well stocked tool chest.

Apropos of Absolutely Nothing

You never know when something you read might come in handy:

How to Cross a Piranha-Infested River

I’m gonna file this under “I never want to use what I learned” category.

Simplicity is the most difficult thing to secure in this world; it is the last limit of experience and the last effort of genius.

George Sand

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