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Integrating Google Translate with FileMaker. Zero Blue on integrating language support into FileMaker

The First Fifteen Minutes. Seth Godin–The problem with evaluating the first fifteen minutes of frustration is that we easily forget about the 5,000 minutes of leverage that frustration earns us if we stick it out.

fmSMS now supports over 70 SMS Gateways. The go to source for serious texting from FileMaker

FileMaker iOS App SDK Instructions.  An outline (with some detail) on making a FileMaker iOS app from

7 Tips On How To Keep In A Peak State At All Times.  Keeping yourself in a Peak State has plenty of benefits, but is hard to do.  Here’s some help.

And speaking of pumping yourself up, don’t forget Amy Cuddy’s Fake it till you make it Ted presentation. 17 Minutes you won’t regret watching.

Amy Cuddy

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